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get to know : normani kordei inspired by (x)

"We’re gonna do another game: I’m gonna ask Lauren a question and she’s gonna respond by flipping a page and randomly reading the first sentence she sees." x

MTV’s Weekend Brunch

MTV’s Weekend Brunch

dinahtwerkin said: make an edit of normanis eyes idk i love her eyes a lot.



Eminem, Beyonce, Pharrell, and Katy Perry. These are ALL artists that the Fifth Harmony girls have spoken about in interviews and respect greatly. As a fandom, we are humbled to be amongst such great company for the MTV EMA US Artist nomination. To all the fandoms of our fellow nominees,…


REFLECTION. The debut album of Fifth Harmony is coming. 


eminem has 8 albums, katy perry has 57 million twitter followers, beyoncé is literally the queen of the world and fifth harmony is just sitting there in the same category as all of them with zero albums, zero international tours and less than 2 million followers god they’re going to fucking rule the world I’m so proud of both them and us

lauren + fans

❝ Anonymous asked: Have you met the girls? If so how was it? Is Lauren intimidating like everyone says or they just trippin? Because from what I see she's amazing and very sweet.


no i haven’t. but i think only those who haven’t got to know her think she’s intimidating (: bc if they just take some time to get to know her..imageimage



i mean like have they seen gifs of her meeting fans bc


imageimageor getting tissues for them imageor this post.

what i’m trying to say is you don’t have to meet her to tell what kind of person she is (: she’s like an open literature book haha, comprehension is obtained from careful reading xD